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I thought i’d introduce myself... I’m Mel founder of Earth Paper Fibre! 

So a little bit about why we are here... ​


Unfortunately, in the summer I lost my design job due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but I decided to make the best of a bad situation by using my expertise in ceramics and my knowledge of the design industry to set up this small independent shop! I now spend my days designing and making beautiful products for people to enjoy and I love it!


About the brand...


I specialise in high quality handmade porcelain jewellery, greeting cards and other various handmade products (we will soon be stocking fibre art!)


We currently have 6 ranges of jewellery - and counting! (smoke classic, gold, black, florals and the stripe edit) We have just launched the first of many greeting card ranges too! Everything you see throughout the website is designed and made in-house by myself, using high quality materials with an ethical focus on environmentally friendly packaging!


I am so excited and have so much planned for the future of this little brand, and I would love it if you can support me on this journey!

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