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Each little piece of jewellery has been on quite the journey and i'm just going to explain a bit about the process I use to make these special items of jewellery!

All the jewellery created in the studio starts in the form of wet porcelain clay, it is then rolled out by hand into thin sheets. From these sheets, the individual pieces of jewellery are cut to form the desired shapes, and afterwards each piece is individually polished and dried.

Once everything is completely dry, the delicate pieces of dried clay are placed into a kiln for a bisque firing, this is where the clay is heated to 1000 degrees Celsius. This process takes approximately 12 hours to reach temperature and then another 12 hours to cool. The process of slowly heating and cooling the clay helps minimise any warping and cracking.

After the bisque firing has taken place, the porcelain is very brittle and can break very easily whilst in this form, therefore extra care is required whilst each individual piece is sanded down with 1000-grit sandpaper (basically a very fine sandpaper!) to develop a super soft finish that you can see and feel on the jewellery. 

 Once the sanding is complete, the decoration can be applied, this is done by hand using a variety of tools and materials. After the decoration is complete and the material is completely dry, the jewellery is put back into the kiln for a final firing, but this time a high firing is carried out. During this process the temperature goes even higher, reaching 1260 degrees Celsius.

After this final firing, the once brittle pieces of porcelain become extremely tough, resulting in a very strong and lightweight material. This final firing takes approximately 16 hours to reach temperature and then another 12 to cool.

After the porcelain pieces have come out of the final firing, they will have shrunk in size by about 20% from their original form and have an almost translucent quality to them! It is at this point where fastenings are applied to the porcelain and the jewellery is finally complete, ready for you to show off and enjoy! 

Thanks so much for reading!

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